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Bronte Erwin


At 12 years old, I snuck into New York City to find Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. 

At 22, I had the opportunity to intern Marvel Comics. 

Since then I've written things here and there, and hoped I would find one good story to tell.   

Thanks for reading. 


Khalid Robertson


Khalid is a Dallas based art director, web designer and a kick-ass illustrator.



Tyler Bass


Hello everyone, Tyler here. Born in Phoenix and moved to Indiana when I was 10, so kind of a culture shock for me. I come from a family of artists, so picking a career wasn't too hard. Been at it for 14 years and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. My style comes from a wide range of influences such as Simpsons, Japanese art, and Sanrio. Most of my work is comic book related. Something about drawings telling a story fascinates me. I'm easy going and I'm friends with just about everyone I meet. I love art and my dream one day is to become a vagabond of sorts, travelling and selling art for a living, meeting new people and sharing my joy of art with others.